About us

Our journey began in 2015

It all began with two girls from fashion school and a love for ice cream. After working in the corporate world for several years, they both decided that bringing their passions together and starting their own business was the way to go. Mariana, who already had amazing success with an ice-cream business in Brazil, brought the idea back to Miami to link up with business partner Megan. And from that moment, Ladyfingrs was born in 2015. ​

Fast-forward a few years, and in September 2020, John and Marianna (a different Marianna, Italian this time) picked-up the torch from Megan and Mariana. Both John and Marianna are artisan gelato makers trained and certified in Italy. They are committed to bringing the secrets of the sweet craft, passed-down to them from the Italian master Gelatieri who trained them, to carry-on what Megan and Mariana started.

​Ladyfingrs creates and markets natural and handmade gelato and sorbetto popsicles with a surprise in every bite. These unique pops are made completely from scratch and we focus on intense flavors that stand alone, without the distraction of toppings. We use the finest possible ingredients, such as fresh milk and heavy cream, Belgian and French chocolates, Vanilla from Tahiti and Madagascar, and of course, when in season, fresh local fruits for our sorbetto pops made with natural Florida spring water.

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